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“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” - Carl Jung

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I, being your therapist, will become your confidant, ally and foe, these titles can and do manifest in therapy, with time, sometimes short-term, more often long-term results will include: enlightenment, knowledge, enhancement and enrichment of self.

I aim to create a good therapeutic relationship so that we can work well together and ultimately achieve the changes you would like to make to promote your wellbeing.

You will start to change, slowly or fast depending on the need, there will be highs as well as lows, but the realisations and the tsunami of emotions will calm and so to solace and acceptance.


My profession is built on reputation and making a difference. Here are a few words from some of my current and previous clients:

In my third and final year of university, my fear of exams and failure was greatly high. I reached out to Susan for one of her hypnotherapy sessions. I completed two sessions and after my final session I had a changed state of mind and felt no stress for my exams. I have no doubt it helped me to attain and graduate with a First Class. I would highly recommend Susan and her services.

- Elen

Everyone working with Susan will quickly realise how lucky they are. I have been Susan’s client over the last year and being a psychologist myself I can honestly say that you won't easily find such a knowledgeable, compassionate and successful therapist as Susan is. Her intuition allows her to quickly spot the hidden wound in your soul that makes all the other things in your life go wrong, and most importantly transform it the way you would never believe possible. I have seen her helping both the richest and the homeless with the same passion and success. If you lost all the hope and have had any bad experiences with the therapy – I am sure Susan will be your Angel you were looking for.

- Anna

I began working with Sue when I was reaching a low point mentally, and physically. I was in a stage where my anxieties and pressures had began to take a toll, affecting my sporting life but also my day to day. Sue really helped introduce me to ways to prioritise time for myself and make mental space in everyday life. She has also shown me different strategies when I having a 'blue' movement or when things seem to get too much. She has a calming and genuinely positive presence, and creates a space where all conversations are open and feel safe. Her listening ear has been the start of my upward journey, and I am looking forward to where it will now take me. Thank you Sue.

- Natasha

Life Changing.
Before treatment I was unable to do many things such as: busy tube trains, restaurants, dinner parties, shops, lifts, talking to strangers face to face plus many more things. After several sessions with Susan I am now much calmer and confident and able to do all the above things. It has made a huge improvement to my life and I would highly recommend her. If you are prepared to open up and discuss problems then please do seek help from Susan.

- Adrian

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What is Psychotherapy/Counselling?
It’s a talking therapy, I’m what’s known as an integrative therapist which means I work in the present, your life as it is here and now I also use what's known as a Psychodynamic approach, this is your past, this could be last year, 10 years, or childhood, through exploring together, key word, TOGETHER, it allows us to explore and link what may be affecting you in some way now. This therapy is based on the fundamental rules of trust, confidentiality and unconditional positive regard, not to be judged, scrutinised or labelled in anyway.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical hypnotherapy?
Everyone enters a hypnotic state just before we go to sleep and just as we awaken, it is NOT mind control but usage of the part of the brain that is dormant. Aided by hypnotherapy and with me as your guide, we directly address your subconsciousness. Through this access we change the thought process, in a positive way, anything that could be preventing you from advancing forwards with your life. Examples of area’s I work in include, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fears & phobias, self-esteem, performance, insomnia, menopausal symptoms and PND (post-natal depression) smoking and weight loss.

About Me

Susan Reilly
Susan Reilly

Dip Co CPCAB, HPD (Hypnotherapy practitioner diploma).

This is me, I am Susan Reilly. This photo was taken in July 2017, at a graduation ceremony. I clearly remember thinking this is such an auspicious and life affirming moment how do I feel? Indescribable pride and pure happiness, an emotion I had never truly experienced until that very moment.

Throughout my learning and continuous learning, I have come to the awareness that I can ease you through challenges with congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR), as this allows us, TOGETHER to explore the why’s, what if’s and resolutions. This could be through Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy or a combination if necessary.

Anything you’re unsure of please give me a call.

Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)


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